Hanyo Blues

Words and Music by Wade Wooldridge and Kimberly Wooldridge

In celebration of the birthday of the incomparable Hans Smith.

You say it's time to party, and you got the wine and beer.
Well the party can't get started yet, 'nless Yes! Hanyo's here.
He's got a kiss for every lady, but always time for you.
When you're as smooth as Hanyo, there's always more to do.

Born the son of a Nobel man, half a world away.
When he was just a little tyke he came to the U.S.A.
He's never met a stranger, from China to Germany.
When you're as worldly as Hanyo, there's always more to see.

He's at his most amazing behind the microphone.
Guitar in his hand, Hey! Come play me some Stones!
He's played some rock, he's played some blues, but always his own way.
When you're as musical as Hanyo, there's always more to play.

He spends his daylight hours in artistic cultivation.
But the most important seeds he sows are of Illumination.
He makes the world a better place, wherever he may go.
When you're enlightened as Hanyo, there's always more to grow.

With a Panama atop him, and Birkenstocks below,
Hanyo takes his own style wherever he may go.
From fire pits to food and friends, he sure knows how to live.
When you're as generous as Hanyo, there's always more to give.