Words and Music by Wade Wooldridge

Way up there in Sagittarius, there is a start too far for us to see.
It shares its light with a million other worlds, but not with me.
And I could wonder what the sky'd be like, if all the stars were in my sight.
Instead I'll love the light from all the stars I can see.

Little sun, the world outside is only one of many worlds where we can play,
And so I thank you for today.

Across the sea in Catalonia, there is a girl that we will never know.
She shares her smile with a hundred of her friends, her face aglow.
And I could wonder how my life would go, if I could touch a billion souls.
Instead I'll cherish all the good friends that I do know.

Like the diamonds in the sky,
This world is full of wonders that can make me cry.

Little one, the world of loive is only one of many world for us to play,
And so I bless you for today.

One Spring day a hundred years from now, the moment comes long after I am gone,
When every soul sees the folly of its fears, and peace can dawn.
And I could hear the Music of the Spheres, if I could live a thousand years.
Instead I'll cherish every moment that I live one.

Little sun, the world of now is only one of many worlds were we can play,
And so I bless you for today.

How I wonder what we are.