Imitate The Sun

Words and Music by Leslie Bricusse and Allan Jay Friedman

I will imitate the sun like no man has ever done,
And like the sun illuminate the day.
To this I do avow: to climb on higher now,
And break on through the mists and light the way.

I will do what's there to do; I will see what's there to see.
I'll throw away my limitations, taste eternity.
No star will be too far; no wish will be too much.
The world is mine to make divine, and God is there to touch.

I will love with all my heart; see the whole and not the part.
This dream asleep inside of me I'll wake and make reality for all to see.
I will live the life I choose, no matter what I win or lose.
I will challenge fate; I will imitate the sun.