Stand Upon My Shoulders

A song for my father, Earl Wooldridge

Words and Music by Wade R. Wooldridge

A simple man from Illinois, defender of the law,
Seldom showed his love or pain or fear,
Raised a girl and two tough boys the best way that he saw.
My father always told me in the words I could not hear:

Stand upon my shoulders and reach more than I could touch.
I would not live your life for you, but I would give you just this much.
Stand upon my shoulders and see what I could not.
Take these words I give to you,
No matter what you see and do (win or lose),
Appreciate the good things that you've got.

I'm blessed with happy, healthy boys, almost pass for twins,
Quickly go from frowns to smiles to tears.
Remind me of the simple joys, like when I tuck them in,
I pull the sheets up over them and whisper in their ears:


Someday my sons will know me as a simple man who tried
To give them things they did not know they'd need.
And when their sons are growing up, and granddad's gone and died.
They'll look into their hearts and see the place I put the seed:


Papa, I can love you now in ways I could not then.
I see you in the father I've become.
Now your job's completed; I'd be proud to be your friend.
I can hear your words now, and even give you some: