Thank You For Sharing

Words and Music by Dale Gonyea and Nikki Byers

I tried, "Dominus vobiscum," "Glory Hallelujah!"
"Namyoho rengekyo," and brother, what's it to ya?
But there's a simple phrase that let's me know that I'm OK.
It's useful in relationships; I say it every day.

Thank you for sharing. Thank you for playing out your role.
Thank you for sharing. It's fun to dominate, manipulate, and control.
How great am I willing to have it? How much good will I allow?
Thank you for sharing. Tomorrow I'll start living in the now.

I've aligned with you, time and again, for the highest good for you and me.
We've been such clear channels since we picked up NBC.
Each time I acted out on you, you instantly forgave,
So I'll love you unconditionally, just as long as you behave.

Thank you for sharing. (You're beautiful.) Thank you for being who you are.
Thank you for sharing. Take a risk, but not while you're driving my new car.
I used to think my soulmate was on the bottom of my other shoe.
Thank you for sharing. Can I help it if my truth is a little more true?

Once you came home in a rotten mood, so I thought I'd help you win.
I said, "How did you create that?" and you kicked me in the shin.
You said, "How did you create that?" and I didn't say a word.
What came up for me right then was just that sometimes you can be a turd.

Thank you for sharing. (Turds are people, too.) Thank you for stating your case.
Thank you for sharing. You're a gift, now please won't you get out of my space?
The synergy between us is a rare phenomenon,
And now we both have someone we can dump our garbage on.

When I told you I was sick of processing and starting to get hoarse,
You went into reaction and you told me to go to the Source.
Now that I finally "got it," I don't worry, I don't fret.
I took a loan from Master Card and I paid off my karmic debt.

Thank you for sharing. (Let's communicate.) Sharing is time well spent.
Thank you for sharing. I'll support you, but don't ask me to pay your rent.
You might want to look at that. Can you take feedback? Not today?
Thank you for sharing. You're completely screwed up but that's OK.

When my mind does monkey chatter, and I feel that I might snap!
That still, small voice inside me will not shut its little trap!
I wanna do! Be! Have! Be! Do! Be! Dooby dooby do!
But I must acknowledge myself for trying to press through. (Don't try; do.)

Thank you for sharing. (I acknowledge you.) Thank you for playing in my key.
Thank you for sharing. I don't mind that you're not as enlightened as me, you see,
I finally dropped my ego, and it really set me free.
Now I'm very proud to say, there's no one in the whole, wide world
Who is as whole, complete, and perfect as me! As me! Not you! But me!