Words and Music by Wade R. Wooldridge

When you were a child, you spoke as a child:
You danced and you sang and you played.
But as you got older, they squashed and controlled her.
The little girl's there, and she knows you still care,
But she just can't get over the pain.

When you were a child, you loved as a child:
You shared and you touched and you gave.
But as you got wiser, you learned to disguise her,
And keep men in line, as you give them some time,
But never the love that you save.

So bring out the child in the woman.
Hug her and hold her and brush out her hair.
She just needs to know it's okay to be hurting,
And not have to fear if a man sees the tear
Of the child you have hidden in there.

When you were a child, you hoped as a child:
You dreamed and prayed and you longed.
But as they denied you, the dreams died inside you.
You made up your mind that the world was unkind,
And you vowed never more to be wronged.