You, Me, and Spirit

Words and Music by Wade R. Wooldridge

Looking back and seeing all the damage that I've done.
Looking in at just how far I've had to come.
I'm looking out this time for more than only number one.
Looking forward to what you and I become.

Loving you, the beautiful blossom of the spring,
Loving me, the summer robin as he sings.
Loving life itself and all the magic that it brings.
Loving Spirit, creating everything.

And I give thanks this day for all the love that comes my way.
I know I will never be alone.
'Cause Spirit sees me through, as sure as I'm in love with you,
As sure as anything I've every known.

Letting you evolve into the things you know you must.
Letting me be free and know that love is just
Letting go of fear and then surrendering to trust.
Letting Spirit deliver it to us.